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Here are examples of public statements when Marilyn has voted no on a nominee

Public Statement for Joseph Leighton Jr.

Public Statement for Rosemary Connolly

Public Statement for Joseph Berman

Here is an example of a public statement when Marilyn has voted yes on a nominee

Public Statement for Helene Kazanjian

Here is an example of a nominee that was bypassed

Example of Joseph Berman- Nominee being appointed  


This is a recent nominee Helene Kazanjian who in 2013 – was approved by the Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) for the Superior Court and then rejected by the Governor.


The Governor instead chose Joseph Berman –a prominent political fundaiser (who was rejected in earlier years when applying for the District Court- no trial experience – no criminal experience in that court)


Helene in 2013 had over 100 jury trial alone and was rejected for Berman.


In 2013 this Governor appointed Berman to the Superior Court -a higher court- with no trial experience or criminal experience in the Superior Court.


The Governor’s Council rejected Berman – The Governor then reappointed him to require the Council to hold an unprecedented  second hearing. Even after the second hearing, Berman was not approved by the Governor’s Council.


Helene Kazanjian to her credit applied again in 2015 and was recommended by the JNC and nominated by the Governor- She was voted unanimously for the Superior Court by the Council


On May 25, 2016 Councillor Devaney announced at the Governor's Council public assembly with Lt Governor Polito that she was requesting Governor Baker to take steps to remove the judge who released the murderer of Officer Tarantino. Marilyn stated that this criminal had 84 serious counts and was allowed to go free.  

Marilyn stated that thirty years ago the Governor's Council was stripped of their authority to remove judges when Governors Councillors went to prison for selling judgeships. 

Marilyn advised that there is a process that the Governor - and with the Governor's Council vote could accomplish this- under certain circumnstances according to Mass Constitution amendment Article LVIII Article 1 of chapter III.  She believes some action has to be taken to protect officers.

Marilyn stated that she attended Officer Taratino's funeral whose tragic death could have been prevented. She noted that when attending Officer Maguire's funeral - his death could have been prevented as well. - The parole board released a criminal with three life sentences- " These officers should have gone home at the end of their shift to their families."   


  • Marilyn successfully helped collect signatures for a petition for the Farm Animal Bill which will now appear on the November ballot. Below is a copy of her public statement she made before Senator Anne M. Gobi:
Good Afternoon Senator Anne M. Gobi, Representative Paul Schmid, and Committee.
Thank you for taking up this important bill and for this opportunity to speak on H3930- "An Act to prevent cruelty to farm animals." When I learned that such animal abuse exists I was shocked, angry, and heartsick. I would never believe that we would in 2016 have to come before you today to approve of a law against animal cruelty. What kind of a society do we live in that condones such cruelty?

As an elected Governor's Councillor my official duties are different from yours as legislators. Except for voting on the weekly State warrant, I vote only on people -from Parole Board to Judges, commutations, and pardons.

I vote with my heart and my head. House Bill 3930 only requires you to vote with your heart. You can be the voice for these helpless animals who have no voice. You now have an opportunity to speak out.

I respectfully request that you vote for H3930 and lobby your colleagues to join you for quick passage of this legislation. This will be one of the proudest votes you will ever take.

Thank you.

\s\ Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney
Cell (617) 840-7689

  • Marilyn Joined Newton School Custodians to protest the Newton School Committee's Plan to outsource their jobs - protesting unfair labor practices - hiring non-union workers.