Some of the changes I have made:

(1) Stopped the long-time practice of Governor’s Councillors accepting political donations from the nominees who they were voting on, as well as sitting Governors and Lieutenant Governors.

Successfully won support of former governors to the present to include in their executive orders that all judicial nominees are prohibited from giving political donations to Governor’s Councillors, The Governor and Lieutenant Governor upon application. When a nominee violates this mandate I vote “no”.

(I had requested “a year before applying” but I am pleased of this change to successfully stop this egregious practice that has been on-going for decades).

(2) Changed the makeup of the Parole Board (which had consisted of all prosecutors)
Upon investigation I discovered that the Parole Board had not been in compliance with the State Statute for over 30 years. It mandates varied occupations to deal with diverse prison populations - i.e. mental disorders, learning disabilities, etc.

(3) Nominees and witnesses at Governor’s Council hearings are now sworn in (just as the Federal Government requires).

(4) Demanded Governor’s Councillors be provided copies of the Judicial Nomination Commission (JNC) questionnaire of their "recommended nominee” for the Governor’s Council’s information.

(Governor’s Councillors previously were not allowed to see the JNC questionnaire.)

(5) Established the first public informative Governor’s Council website for Citizens, providing names of all Councillors, their districts, their emails and phone numbers, the responsibilities of the Council, the boards and commissions voted by the Council with a description of each board/commission and its terms, lists of the nominee/nominees presented to the Council by the Governor with biography, date of council meetings, date of nominee’s hearing, and welcoming the public to attend.

A few examples of how I am working for you:

(1) Have the highest attendance record of all Governor’s Councillors who I have served with throughout my entire tenure.

(2) Only Councillor who meets with every nominee for every position including judges, clerk magistrates, Industrial Accident Board, Appellate Tax Board, Parole Board, etc.

(3) Investigative examples: following up on nominee’s Judicial Nomination Commission and Governor's Council questionnaires, contacting people who have knowledge of the nominee, making calls, meeting people, looking at past records, includes public input, and receiving calls from public.

(4) Earn the trust of the public who call me to inform me of nominees (whose names I keep confidential) and follow up to insure information is factual.

(5) Through my investigation, at times I have acquired documented information requiring nominees to be withdrawn, i.e. false information on nominee’s questionnaire including nominee’s hearing.

(*Governor Council holds nominee hearings 12 months a year - as many in July as there are in December - weekly meetings. I have no staff or office aides. Governor’s Council takes no vacation.)

(*Has not accepted travel money to the State House during her entire tenure.)

Marilyn has cast historic votes on the SJC for Outstanding Justices:
  • 1st African American Man - Judge Ireland - for Chief Justice
  • 1st Jewish American Man - Judge Gants - for Chief Justice
  • 1st Openly Gay - Judge Lenk - Justice
  • 1st African American Woman - Judge Hines - Justice
  • 1st Asian American - Judge Duffly - Justice