Statement of Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney on the Appointment of Rosemary Connolly as Associate Justice of the Superior Court on April 13, 2016

 Consider the following:

1.  Attorney Connolly has continued to apply over and over for 16 years to be a judge – 9 times - multiple times to 5 five different courts – 4 different judiciary levels. Applying for a judgeship should not be reduced to “pitch til you win”process.

2.  Attorney Connolly has been rejected by 4 Governors – turned down by 4 different Judicial Nominating Commissions. It appears Atty Connolly just wants a robe – any court will do. This is may be a Guinness Judiciary record.

3.  She has not been in a State of Massachusetts Court in more than 6 years.

4.  Legal History-Left a partnership to A.G office (her application stated she planned to be there for a short time) Why? Because she applied for a judgeship the very next year and applied a total of 6 times for various judgeships while in the AG’s office.

5.  She then went to the US District in the Civil Division. She applied 3 more times while in this office.

6.  Having no criminal experience - to enhance her resume to apply again for a judgeship – she managed to get a criminal case( after she described as head of the civil division)  A long and much- detailed letter about that case took me longer to read than the short time she was involved in  court. It was on the lowest level.

7.  Five Governor’s Councillors have enthusiastically publicly announced to the nominee at her hearing that they are voting for her- so her applying days are over.

8.  For the record – I had proudly voted for Judge Frances McIntyre, retiring Superior Court judge who Atty. Connolly is replacing.  This is the letter I received at that time from the Joint Bar Committee on Judicial Nominations deeming her “well qualified”.  I regret to say -Attorney Connolly is no Judge McIntyre.

I have deep concern for how the standards for appointing judges have been lowered.

I think of the qualified, experienced people who must have applied for this position and were rejected.  What do those bypassed applicants think of the credibility of this process? 

In conclusion I want to say on the record – Attorney Connolly is a nice person.  But- I am not charged to confirm a lifetime position as a judge based solely on someone being a nice person.

I will be voting no.